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*High season only in AUGUST.
*In JULY  and AUGUST it is only rented by periods of a week or longer (7 days+6 nights).
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Environment´s information

The name of our house is owing to the biggest forest of holly of Spain and of the biggest of Europe, declared in December of 2008 Natural Reserve of the Net of Natural Spaces of Castilla y León. It is also included, as Place of Community Importance Place (L.I.C) and as Area of Special Protection for the Birds (Z.E.P.A.).
Garagüeta is a perfect place to walk enjoying the natural environment. You will discover beautiful holly trees that gives us its red fruit between the months of October and December, cozy pastures where you could stroke the horses and the hut of the shepherd. If you bring children, look for the huts where the cows are under the holly trees. If you do not want to miss anything, contact with the girls of El Acebarillo that will be pleased to organize nice routes.
Our village is called Arévalo de la Sierra. Its stone houses return the strength of other time. Time of Celtiberian whose symbols could discover if you look attentively in some stone lintels. Hard times but full of life, of transhumants, of harvest and carts pulled by oxen, of school, of theatres, and of long nights of love. The hermitage of “Santo Cristo de los Remedios”, is from the XVIII century and if you like the art, you must not missing the image of Christ and the baptismal Romanesque sink that was saved from the church that not long time ago has been rebuilt.
Besides, in the bar of the village, you could find rustic and nice people to talk with or to play cards who will not hesitate in resolving any doubt you have.
Without going very far away, many activities can be developed that will be as ideal complement to enjoy the Nature and the environment.
A nice walk by bike or walking through the area will let you to pick up mushrooms, sloes, blackberries and wild apples that later you could taste with your people.
For the lively people, 15 minutes far away of the house, could ride horses (telephone: 609759764) or going down through the river Douro in canoes with Pablo (telephone 608830051), or activities such as paint-ball, climbing, caves… with SORIAVENTURA (telephone 627916107).
In less than half an hour you can be playing golf in a wonderful field (telephone 975271075) or skiing in a beautiful landscape (telephone 699105017).
It is essential the route through the Holly Tree of Garagüeta with the guides of “El Acebarillo”. About 25 minutes is the “Icinitas Route”, where the footprints, museums and reproductions in natural size, will drive us to the Jurassic time.

On the Northeast of Soria and about 40 minutes you will arrive to the lagoon of Cebollera, that it is at the end of a glacial circus. A little bit more far away, it is the Black Lagoon, awesome, dark, enigmatic and wrapped of legends, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the province.

In 15 minutes you could visit the remains of Numancia where the heroic fall of the village of Numancia against Cornelio Escipión was developed.
You will arrive to Soria in 20 minutes where many churches show why it is considered as the cot of the Romanesque of Spain.
Once you are in Soria it is mandatory to visit the hermitage of San Saturio that is raised over a Visigoth cave located on the edges of the river Douro, in the denominated Route Machadiana


Acebal de Garagueta
Uno de los mayores acebales puros de España entre Torrearévalo y Arévalo de la Sierra, localidad esta última con su Casa del Acebo. Zona ZEPA y LIC, así como Reserva Natural. El último tramo es por c...
Ruta de las Icnitas
Pisar por los mismos lugares que hace cientos de millones de años lo hicieron los dinosaurios es posible las Tierras Altas de Soria. Hay Aula Paleontológica en Villar del Río y esculturas enormes de v...
Numancia resistió al imperio Romano en diversas guerras celtibérico-romanas hasta ser quemada por Cornelio Escipión en el 133 a.C. Se han reconstruido dos casas y hay un itinerario para recorrer las c...


Carnaval Tradicional Riojano
En Enciso, del 21 al 22 de febrero
Enciso celebra su carnaval en el que se recuperan disfraces ancestrales que desfilan por las calles y se hace una cena popular y quema de los judeses.
Carnaval de Cintruénigo
En Cintruénigo, del 24 al 26 de febrero
Viernes tarde: Lectura del pregón hacia 19:30h.y tamboreada. Sábado: salida de los zarramusqueros hacia 17:00 (durante 1 hora los zarramusqueros manchan a todo aquel que no vaya disfrazado) Domingo:...
San Raimundo
En Fitero, del 11 al 15 de marzo
Patrono de Fitero es San Raimundo al que festejan durante varios días, siendo su día litúrgico el 15, con su misa cantada por coral, encierros, vaquillas y toro de fuego. El domingo hay corrida de to...
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